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Should you want to get hitched in Denmark. Select your circumstances

Should you want to get hitched in Denmark. Select your circumstances

To have hitched in Denmark you really need to have what’s referred to as a certification of marital status (provelsesattest). This requires that you meet up with the conditions into the Danish Act in the Formation and Dissolution of Marriage (the wedding Act).

Where do you realy need to get hitched?

Conditions so you can get hitched in Denmark. General conditions for wedding

You must meet the Danish conditions for marriage if you live in another country but wish to get married in Denmark. This is applicable just because there are various other conditions for marriage within the nation your geographical area.

If one of you is really a resident of some other Nordic nation, you may possibly, but, choose that this country’s guidelines concerning wedding should really be used. Read more about Nordic residents right here

To obtain hitched in Denmark, you have to both have actually turned 18 years of age and also you international cupid must both be unmarried.

If an individual of you has formerly been hitched, the past wedding must have now been dissolved if your wanting to can remarry.

Wedding between close family members just isn’t allowed, if certainly one of you is under guardianship, the guardian must consent into the wedding.

Find out more concerning the basic conditions right here.

Prohibition against proforma wedding (wedding of convenience)

In Denmark, proforma wedding is forbidden. Which means that the wedding ought not to be entered into if you have reason to suspect that the goal of the wedding is always to receive the right of residence in Denmark, A eu country, in Switzerland or in a different country included in the European Economic Area.

Find out more in regards to the prohibition against proforma wedding right right here

To obtain hitched in Denmark, you have to have the ability to legitimately enter Denmark and remain right right right here. You can find various demands for staying and entering based on exactly just just what country you may be from.

There is no need to possess entered Denmark during the time you use.

Read more about appropriate residence and also the paperwork you have to enclose of appropriate residence

Unique needs for passports or other travel documents

Whenever entering Denmark and remaining in the united states, you have to hold a passport that is valid another authorized as a type of travel paperwork.

Demands for the passport whenever entering Denmark

    Your passport must certanly be val If your passport possesses reduced credibility duration compared to feasible legitimacy duration for the certification of marital status, the certificate’s credibility duration is supposed to be reduced. This means the credibility amount of the certification of marital status will be smaller than just just what it can ordinarily be.

For instance, if the legitimacy amount of a certification of marital status would ordinarily be 4 months, however the passport just has a legitimacy amount of 5 months during the time of the issuance for the certification, the legitimacy amount of the certificate will be restricted to 2 months.

Preparations for the application

In an effort for all of us to process the application and validate which you meet with the conditions for wedding, we shall request information that is personal in regards to you along with your partner. We shall also request you report that the conditions for wedding are met.

Exactly exactly What papers we will request in addition to requirements for those papers hinges on the responses you offer into the application, and exactly exactly what nation has granted the papers.

We request, you should write this in the application form if you are unable to enclose one or more of the documents. It is necessary which you compose why you will be not able to enclose that which we have actually required.

Your signatur regarding the application must certanly be finalized by turn in order to be looked at a signature that is valid. Consequently signatures that are digital be applied, as an example Adobe or paint.

The necessity for the signature will not use in the event that you both have NemID

Read more about what information and papers we suggest you have ready before you begin to finish the application form form – notice of wedding (?gteskabserkl?ringen, danish variation)

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