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Kandy Pen E Fluid RUBI

Kandy Pen E Fluid RUBI

Another sleek and powerful vape from Kandy Pens. The RUBI is a fast crucial within the lifetime of a vape enthusiast. Simple to charge with micro-USB!

    Colors: Gun Metal, Gold, Rose Gold, Deep Blue, Red, Teal, Ebony Free Delivery Health And Safety First Designs

The KandyPens RUBI Vaporizer is bringing improved vaping experience with a ceramic coil having Japanese cotton. It is a slim and vape that is portable a 4-inch length only — the heat managed with atmosphere activation. This vaporizer features a refillable 1ML pod makes it available each time. This vape is leak-proof without any spit-back, plus it has initial 8 Second Auto-Shutoff features. In addition has universal Micro-USB charging. Taste all the flavors that are great e-juice provides because of the RUBI from Kandy Pens. As a result of ceramic dish that gives your juice an effective also burn. Additionally air that is being your puffs is likely to be perfect each and every time. This vape also provides a no-spill leak proof mouthpiece which means you will not need to worry about it in your pocket.

trying to find a sleek design vaporizer, go after Kandy Pen RUBI RUBI

Kandy Pen the most trendy and advanced level items for the company. The style for the pen is quite sleek, so when a vape enthusiast, this vaporizer shall prompt you to look elegant and trendy concerning other designs vaporizer. The RUBI Kandy pen is sold with the C-Box 510 battery along side the two sets of magnetic thread adapters and A usb that is micro cable recharging.

About the product

If you’re thinking to choose the RUBI Kandy Pen, then it’s one of the best item in a vaporizer for your needs. The way that is easiest to make use of is through pre-filled oil in addition to CBD cartridges. The C- Box or Concealer package is a battery pack produced by maintaining the discernment in your mind.

Design regarding the pen

The plus gummies cbd C-box is observed to be about 3 ins high and it has got the rounded- rectangular form. This form is conducive to keep the container, and it will effortlessly be held any place in the pocket or bag. It’s got a switch through which you are able to get a grip on the vaporizer. The RUBI Kandy Pen has 510 thread adapters which is sold with the touch that is cool and it can interchange effortlessly. The presence of a magnetic connection is reported to be the slip one to the adapter that is receptacle through the time that is vaping.

Efficiency of Pen

This RUBI Kandy Pen is thought to perform well the vaporizer pen. Numerous users love this as it is effortless to make use of along with forms of cartridges beginning with Hemp Bombs CBD Oil Cartridges into the Sun State CBD 510 Cartridges and Goldline 510 CBD cartridges. If you’re searching for the very best vaporizer through which you can easily go with vaping and that can benefit from the exotic tastes of vaping, then try using this vaporizer.

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