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Perhaps it was the fact that it was just so damn addictive? Either way, it’s a worthy entry into our list of the Best SNES Games and one that you NEED to try. I’m a big fan of space-age fighter games, and Star Fox still retains all of the tension and excitement that it did back in the day. Firing torpedos at robots and enemy craft is something I’ll never be able to do in real life, so at least I can get my fix in a virtual way.

  • The game was full of jokes and humor related to all of this, so being translated to English for the American release took some work.
  • I remember feeling a real urge of panic trying to get in and out of there as GBA emulator fast as humanly possible.
  • On this journey you encounter several characters and unique areas that have a different feel and atmosphere.
  • It was a Japanese take on Western culture and Americana.
  • You play as Link as he travels on a journey to save Hyrule and defeat Ganon as he saves maidens related to the Sages.

If you were still wondering whether this is a good game before the last sentence, then hopefully that will have convinced you that this is another one of the Best SNES Games of all time. This game tried to destroy me a number of times, but I desperately wanted to become the world warrior (which I finally did when I was about 16. No biggy). You get points for completing certain tasks and how fast you finish each stage. The graphics were pretty stunning for the time and the gameplay itself was so intriguing, largely down to the fact that I never had the cahoonas to do any of these sports in real life. Maybe it was the fact that many of us will never actually have the guts or the skills to get up in the air in a real plane?

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Given that without the SNES Nintendo wouldn’t be where they are today, it only seems fitting to highlight some of the very best games that helped define and shape the 16-bit era for the Big ‘N’. So without further ado, here are the 10 very best games ever for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Players must take the duo through the different levels and collect as many bananas as they can while trying to avoid and/or defeat the minions along the way.

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Exciting times indeed, catch you next time when the article for the best 64-Bit titles on Nintendo’s classic platform goes live on N-Europe sooner than you might think. doesn’t include just about every other 2D game in the series anyways. an RPG machine when it had so many other types of games. One of my personal favorites and a true underrated gem compared to the likes of the diesel-punk Final Fantasy VII. Squaresoft’s Final Fantasy VI was one of the few games that dared to go where other games dare not go. They offered a bad guy who managed to go to such lengths to control the world that he actually managed to do so.

The game was what really helped pave the way for the Metroid series to become one of the most recognized and respected brands in Nintendo’s illustrious history of titles. The game was a hallmark success for Nintendo, paving the way for other developers for generations to come to experiment by making progressively harder gameplay while utilizing the same game map. It was hard not to love this game and even harder not to play just one more round with a friend in a competitive one-on-one bout or an entertaining doubles match.

It’s a fast-thinking fast-paced adventure game that I still love playing today, and when I think of the SNES, I always think about Donkey Kong Country and those blasted blasting barrels first. Whether you understood that top bit or not doesn’t matter; the fact is that this is a stellar game and one that everyone needs to play at least once in their lifetime. It’s the first title where we come into contact with the Master Sword too, and critics believe that this game and Ocarina of Time go hand in hand as two of the best Zelda titles in the franchise. Samus travels to Zebes to take an infant Metroid creature from the hands of a notorious space pirate named Ridley.

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